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Privacy policy

IPLANUX SaRL-S is obliged through the Article 12 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to inform you about the following points:

The processing of personal data is done by
IPLANUX SàRL-S, 16 rue de Bascharage, L-4960 Clemency,

You have the right to find out what information about you is held and to obtain a copy thereof.
You are entitled to access, to suppress and to rectify your data by sending your request via mail or email to us (see imprint).

Data collection on our website

No personal information is collected on this website.

However, we need to collect some “personally identifiable” information on our website for it to work.

We collect and analyze how many users visit our site and “track” them throughout our experience on our website to improve our service.

Cookies are used for this purpose. You have the option to stop the tracking with cookies by disabling them via the displayed banner. But to be able to “see” that you do not want to be tracked with cookies, we still have to set a cookie on your computer. To completely prevent the use of cookies, please disable them in your browser.

It is also essential that a log file is created on our web server, which may contain the following personal information: retrieved web page, file, date and time, amount of data, browser type and version, the user’s operating system, referrer (the page, which she has linked to our site) and IP address. This is common standard (does everybody) and is essential to document mistakes, abuses or attacks.

In addition, we use a few WordPress plugins as well as “Google Fonts” which automatically causes your device to connect to servers outside the EU to download data. It is highly likely that the following personal information is transferred to a third country: retrieved website, file, date and time, amount of data, browser type and version, the user’s operating system and IP address. These services may also track you with cookies, which we do not have much influence on. If you do not wish this, please deactivate the cookies in your browser.

Data collection from our app PoubelleLux

PoubelleLux for iPhone

Actually, no data collection is used on PoubelleLux for iPhone. This may change as the app may be improved lateron.

PoubelleLux for Android

No data collection is made for advertising purposes. The single purpose of the data collection is to enable us to deliver a better service. We mainly use the toolkit Firebase by Google Inc to get statistics over usage, versions in use, crash reports. We have no direct access to your personal data. However, you may want to check the Google Partner policy to understand what happens with your data:

We use the following tools of Firebase:

  • Google Analytics for Firebase (Google Inc.): get usage statistics
  • Firebase Remote Config (Google Inc.): to dynamically change parameters. Is previewed for calendar updates lateron.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (Google Inc.): to send you push-messages when important news happened

Data collection from customers with whom we have a contract

You must be aware that if you sign a contract with us or use any of our services other than downloading the app, we will be in possession of all the information you give us. We then have to keep them as long as we need them (eg. as long as the business relationship exists) and then at least as long as archiving is required by law. We will only pass on this data to external parties (such as accountants, tax authorities, banks, etc.) if necessary.

Interaction with us on Facebook/Twitter or via Email

We do not use “tracking pixels” or “lead links” to track interactions between Facebook/Twitter and our homepage or app (installs).
However if you interact with us, like:

  • like, comment or share a post of us
  • like or subsribe our page
  • follow us on Twitter
  • send us a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • send us an email

we implicitly collect your identity and your profile on the corresponding platform (Name, Facebook, Twitter and/or Email address).

Facebook and/or Twitter is collecting anonymized statistical data, telling us which kind of audience (classified by location, gender, age and other parameters) is interacting with us.
However, we do not have access to the not publicly shared data of single users.

As the data collection and use via Facebook and Twitter is out of our influence, we decline any responsibility for it and suggest you check out their privacy policy as well as your privacy settings on these platforms.

Data collected from Apple and Google

When you buy our App via the App Store or Play Store, Apple or Google provides us anonymized statistical data, telling us which kind of customers (region, device type, software version) have bought our App.
We will not be aware on any of your personal information.

As the data collection and use of Apple or Google is out of our influence, we decline any responsibility for it and suggest you check out their privacy policy.