IT solutions – apps – consulting
IPLANUX S.à R.L.-S. is a company founded in January 2018.
We offer:
IT services – apps – consulting
We have special knowledge in:
– Telecommunications (PSTN, ISDN, PBX, VoIP (SIP), Internet, …)
– Networking
– Linux administration
– Docker containers (like migration to Docker inclusive cloud)
– Custom interface programs between ERP systems and internet shops
– Embedded solutions (Microcontrollers, Arduino, Pi, …)
– App-Programming (iPhone and hybrid with Ionic)
– Home automation with FHEM
– Alexa skill programming
We can also offer consulting in all fields above and:
– Electrical engineering
– PV systems
– optimizing workflows

Check out our first app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and all Android devices PoubelleLux